About Our Company

Eesha Contractors was founded by Manik Pappal in 2007 with the sole mission to deliver top quality turnkey solutions for clients. After 13 years in the trade, the company’s core philosophy still revolves around quality, cost effectiveness and timley execution

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From cutting-edge solutions to strategic initiatives, witness how we shape success. Explore a spectrum of services crafted to elevate your experience and drive results in every endeavor.


We assist our clients in pinpointing their construction or restoration needs, ensuring a seamless transition from vision to tangible reality with our expert guidance.


Our team of architects and interior designers works meticulously translate ideas into reality, creating customized designs that align with the client’s needs and budget.


Our primary strength lies in delivering comprehensive turnkey solutions, we also address various other contracting needs based on the client’s requirements.

Project Management

We oversee the on-site execution of designs with accuracy and precision. Our commitment is to consistently accomplish our work within the specified time frame.

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